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Shipping policy

Thanks for shipping with Otaku Area®️! Here are the terms and conditions of our shipping policy. Please read carefully before purchasing so you know what to expect.

1.  Terms and conditions

As long as the items are available, we deploy our resources to have a careful inventory of our stocks. However, stock variances could occur causing us to be unable to supply all items with your purchase. We will then contact you to know your choice as to whether to wait for a renewal of stock of the unavailable item or to make a voucher.

2.  Shipping costs

Shipping costs are determined at checkout taking into account the dimensions, weight, and mainly the destination of the items you order. Their payment must be made at the time of purchase. This amount will constitute the total amount of the shipping costs for your order.

3. Product returns

You will find the return conditions on the page of our Return and Refund Policy, the link of which is at the bottom of the page.

We offer a no-questions-asked return policy that applies for seven days after your order is delivered. Returned items must be in brand-new condition, and customers are responsible for return shipping.

In the case of lost orders or items that are damaged upon delivery, customers are entitled to a full refund within 14 days of shipping.

For any return or exchange inquiries, please email us ASAP at luffy@otaku-area.com. We address each inquiry individually, and we’ll try our best to make sure everyone is satisfied.

To learn more about how we handle returns and refunds, please visit our Returns and Refunds Policy page here.

4. Terms of delivery

Usually, the transit of items sent out can take 04 days. However, this period may be exceeded (up to 20 days) on an exceptional basis. This varies considerably depending on the type of delivery chosen and the supplier of the items in your order.

delivery time

Orders are often processed within 02 business days of payment. In reality, we allow 24 hours to run to receive any changes to the delivery address.

From Monday to Friday and during conventional working hours, our teams come into contact with the storage locations except national holidays. Days during which shipping to storage locations cannot be activated.

The maximum shipping time for items ordered from Otaku Area is 05 working days. Orders are generally received 05 working days in advance. However, the delivery may extend over 02 to 04 weeks given the known disruptions during this period.

Note that a shipment is different from delivery. The delivery consists in ensuring the transport and the routing of the articles to their destination address. As for the expedition, it corresponds to the sending of the items ordered.

This justifies the fact that the delivery period can exceptionally reach 05 weeks, i.e. 02 working days devoted to the execution of the order, 05 days intended for shipping, and 04 weeks for the delivery itself.

This delay represents the total delay on an exceptional basis but Otaku Area communicates it to you to avoid any probable misunderstanding. That said, after passing this 05-week deadline, we want to keep you satisfied.

We will therefore offer you alternatives such as returning your order at our expense or producing a gift voucher with a value exceeding the amount of your original order. It is a very rare situation, but Otaku Area becomes a victim of its success. We therefore prefer to prevent this by informing you about the policy in this area with regard to customer service.

Therefore, if the receipt of your order confirmation email is 05 weeks or more old, please either respond to that email or send us an email to luffy@otaku-area.com.

In order to enable your email to be processed as quickly as possible, we recommend that you enter your Name, First name, your order number, the content (including an approximate content) thereof, the date of the order and the email address used to make it.

When you send us an email to the address luffy@otaku-area.com, please write in the subject line "Delivery time - Your order number". An example of a title would be “Delivery Time - 125698”.

The Otaku Area team in charge of customer service will answer you by email within one working day in order to clarify your situation.

4.4 Changing the delivery address

For delivery address change requests, we may make address changes at any time before the order is dispatched.

4.5 Shipping by PO box

Otaku Area will only use the postal services for shipments to PO box addresses. However, we cannot yet provide courier services to these addresses.

4.6 Shipping military addresses

For military addresses, we can ship to them through the USPS. However, we will not be able to offer this service through courier services.

4.7 Items not available in stock

In the event that an item is out of stock, we will contact you to find out your preference for waiting for the unavailable item to renew stock or for issuing a voucher. The amount of this voucher will be higher than that of your base order.

4.8 Non-compliance with the delivery time

If the time initially agreed for delivery is exceeded, please send us an email to luffy@otaku-area.com to process your request.

5. Notifications follow-up

Upon dispatch, a tracking link will be sent to you so that you can follow the progress of the shipment. This monitoring is carried out based on the latest updates provided by the transport service provider.

6. Item damaged during transport

When you notice that an item has been damaged in transit, please decline delivery if possible. Please also contact our customer service. If the item is delivered in your absence, please contact the Otaku Area team in charge of customers by luffy@oaku-area.com.

7. Duties and taxes

7.1 Sales taxes

The sales tax has previously been included in the price of the various goods that appear on Otaku Area. The amount of your order has therefore already been taken into account.

7.2 Import duties and taxes

Foreign parcel shipments may be subject to import duties and taxes once the packages arrive in the destination country. It depends on the country and Otaku Area recommends that you find out about these probable additional costs before placing your order. If you refuse to pay these duties and taxes once the packages have arrived at their destination in your country, they will be returned to Otaku Area at your expense. The return shipping cost will be deducted from your original payment and the remainder will be returned to you. However, the cost of the initial shipment will not be refunded to you.

8. Cancellation

In the event of a change of mind, requests for cancellation of an order on Otaku Area are acceptable provided they are made before the items are dispatched. However, if the items have already been sent then refer to our refund policy which you will find at the bottom of the page.

9. Insurance

The goods are covered by insurance against damage and loss, up to the value declared by the carrier. A loss is taken into account when the postal service confirms it. Goods declared by the postal services as being actually delivered will be considered as such. Unfortunately, Otaku Area has counted a far too large number of situations where unscrupulous customers have pretended not to have been delivered and now only refer to the customer's comments. However, Otaku Area will do everything in its power to guarantee your satisfaction. We will return the items of your order to you at our expense or offer you a gift voucher for a value exceeding the amount of your original order.

9.1 Case of packages damaged during transit

Packages damaged in transit are replaced according to the Return and Refund Policy, which you can read by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. Or, we will reimburse the customer according to this same policy.

9.2 Case of packages lost during transport

When a package is lost during transit and the postal service certifies the loss, Otaku Area will do its best to meet your expectations by resending the items in your order to you at its expense or by offering you a gift voucher of one. value exceeding that of the amount of your original order.

10. Customer service

For all your concerns about customer service, please contact us by email at our address luffy@otaku-area.com.

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