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Naruto Cosplay
Naruto 7th Hokage

One day I will become Hokage too! The latter is one of the most mythical phrases from the Naruto manga… This Hokage Naruto cape will give you the determination and perseverance of the 7th Hokage.

Upon his appointment, a  Hokage must choose his cape which will represent his status within his village (Konoha). Naruto, for the creation of his cape, opted for the colors of the yellow lightning cape of Konoha. Minato Namikaze is the 4th Hokage of the name (and is also the father of Naruto). Then, Naruto had his “rank” written in the village behind this cape. It is also good to know that its wearer is not just anyone, he defeated the leader of Akatsuki and participated in the fight against the great Madara Uchiha in order to defeat him in the 4th great war ninjas.

This demon has hosted the tailed beast ( Kurama, who killed his parents) being the most fearsome and powerful (apart from the 10-tailed one) for years. Naruto also had to bear the gaze of others who hated him and wanted to see him die but still protected these people. He never knew who his parents were and how they died during his horrible childhood. It is therefore installed unimaginable loneliness and a loss of his sensei who were like his father for him. From an early age, Naruto wanted to be recognized for his true worth.

At the ninja academy, he was constantly noticed for doing stupid things in order to have a minimum of sociability with his comrades. Naruto was the dumbest ninja in the academy and many people always made fun of him for the difficulties he was having. If you decide to own this fabulous cape, you will remember that even the biggest failure can become the best!

The powers of the Hokage cape:

Become the most powerful ninja in the Shinobi world by adorning yourself with the famous cape of the Yondaime Hokage, Uzumaki Naruto! Indeed, you will be able to inherit Naruto's powers like his famous hermit mode which helped him defeat the Akatsuki leader. And more techniques bursting with chakra like the Rasengan, the Razenshuriken or even the summoning of the most powerful and formidable toad, Gama Bunta! You can also inherit the great combativeness and admirable determination of your favorite character by getting this magnificent Hokage Naruto cape worn by the child of the prophecy.

  • The real cape that Naruto wears in the anime!
  • 2 shapes to choose from
  • For children and for adults
  • Ideal for a realistic cosplay costume
  • Material: Polyester


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