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Senju Clan - Wiki

April 04, 2022 5 min read

Senju clan

The Senju clan was¬†considered to be the most powerful clan in the ninja world ūü홬†¬†during the war period before the founding of the Hidden Villages.¬†Together with its rival, the Uchiha Clan, they are responsible for founding the Hidden Leaf Village and the embodiment of the village the series reflects today.¬†They are also¬†distant relatives of the Uzumaki clan.

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The origin of the Senju Clan:

Madara indra asura Hashirama

The Senju clan is descended from Asura, one of the two sons of¬†Hagoromo Otsutsuki.¬†He inherited his father's will, body, and physical energy.¬†Rikudo's youngest son believed that love ūüíó was the key to achieving peace in this world.

Therefore, the Rikudo rather supported the ideals of his younger son, rather than the ideals of his eldest son who believed that power was the only real key to finding peace.¬†ūüóĚÔłŹ On his deathbed, the Rikudo Sennin appointed the youngest of his sons as his successor.¬†The older brother, Indra,¬†¬†was gripped by hatred for¬†having been deprived of what he considered to be his right to inherit!¬†He then faced Asura, his brother, in a fight to take back what he thought was rightfully his.¬†As you will understand,¬†the¬†Uchiha clan is therefore descended from Indra, which led to a great rivalry between the Clan Senju ūüĆĪ and the Clan Uchiha ūüĆĖ¬†for future generations!

The history of Clan Senju:

Madara and Hashirama

The Senju clan acquired its fame during the period preceding the founding of the various Hidden Villages.¬†When the other clans focused on mastering a particular skill, the¬†Senju were masters of all skills in¬†both ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu.¬†ūüďú It is for this reason, that they are known as the "Clan of a Thousand Skills" which gave them the name Senju.

The clan's most famous Shinobi was their commander, Hashirama Senju, whose unique Mokuton technique ūüĆ≥ gave the clan the nickname Senju Forest Clan.¬†His ability to control wood, and his ability to control tailed beasts, made him the greatest ninja of his time!

The¬†Senju's place at the top of the ninja world was undisputed, but there was still a clan that could stand up to them: their rival, the Uchiha clan.¬†ūüĆô¬†¬†Whenever a country at war engaged the Senju, its enemies engaged the Uchiha, and vice versa.¬†This led to a rivalry between the two clans, particularly between the chieftains, Hashirama and Uchiha Madara.¬†However, in a world where blood¬†ūü©ł is flowing¬†freely, Hashirama desired to establish peace and also possessed unconditional love for his village.¬†Known as the "Will of Fire," this belief prompted the Senju clan to propose a truce with the¬†Uchiha clan.

Tired of fighting, and convinced of Hashirama's great charisma and abilities, the Uchiha ūüĆô have agreed to end their bloody rivalry.¬†Only Madara was against this truce, believing that the Senju would one day destroy the Uchiha clan.¬†He was forced to agree, but the humiliation didn't end there.¬†Sometime¬†after the¬†signing of the alliance between the Senju and the Uchiha, Tierra¬†del¬†Fuego hired them to stabilize its borders, and the clans created a permanent colony in the land.¬†Thus, the Sheet ūüćĀ was founded, and with it, the system of a village is hidden in each country.

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As the¬†wars in the world stopped, the constant violence stopped and Hashirama's dream began to come true.¬†Chances are, Hashirama married¬†Mito Uzumaki around¬†the same time,¬†¬†a powerful kunoichi from the¬†¬†Land of Whirlpools.¬†ūüƙԳŹ The Senju Clan of Konoha and the Uzumaki Clan of¬†Uzuchio, have always been linked, and this link, despite the extinction of the Remous Village, has continued with future generations!

Soon after¬†Hashirama was elected the first Hokage,¬†Madara felt humiliated¬†and decided to leave the village, only to return to attack him using Kyubi's power.¬†ūü¶ä¬†
The two great ninjas clashed in the Valley of the End, where the legendary statues are located in front of the waterfall. Hashirama will emerge victorious after an exceptional fight. At the beginning of Naruto's adventures, Hashirama has been dead for over 80 years. He will give the title of Hokage to his brother, Tobirama before dying. He will have had the opportunity to meet his grandchildren Tsunade and Nawaki, not only that, but he was also the mentor of the 3rd Hokage of Konoha, Hiruzen Sarutobi.

The development of Konoha: 


Over the years, the Senju have maintained their supremacy over the village, and made¬†Konoha the village it is today.¬†Following the death of the First Hokage, his younger brother, Tobirama Senju, became the Second Hokage.¬†Although he is probably not a Senju by blood, ūüߨ¬†Hiruzen Sarutobi, would later become the Third Hokage¬†upon the death of the Second Hokage.¬†Hiruzen was formed by both Hashirama and Tobirama, that is, by the first and second Hokage!

His successor, Minato Namikaze, was meanwhile, a pupil of Jiraiya, who was himself a pupil¬†of Hiruzen.¬†Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, was not only a pupil of Hiruzen, she was also¬†the granddaughter of the Hashirama and the niece of Tobirama.¬†All of them are rooted in¬†following the¬†philosophy of Hashirama and the "Will of fire".¬†ūüĒ•

The existence of the Senju:

Senju clan

It is not known if the¬†Senju Clan¬†still exists as an organization as there is no known shinobi with the name of Senju alive, although the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade, is Hashirama's baby girl and brother. Nawaki his grandson.¬†It is quite possible that the Senju ūüĆĪ clan dissolved into different clans and families, mainly because they¬†never had any specific characteristics or techniques¬†like the Uchiha clan or the Hyuga clan to clearly identify them.¬†Their legacy, however, remains alive and well inside the hearts of the Konoha people.

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The Mokuton of the Senju clan 

Hashirama Mokuton

The¬†¬†Mokutonis a special technique for handling wood art and more generally of nature.¬†This Ninjutsu was created by Hashirama Senju.¬†It seems that the¬†ninjutsu of the wood has a particular impact on the tailed demons as well as their hosts!¬†The nature of this ninjutsu would have a power of inhibition against the different Bij√Ľ.¬†ūüĎĻ Nature is a powerful element because if the power of the earth is combined with the fluidity of water, it is then possible to hinder the shinobi, infiltrate with subtlety, control a rabid jewel or even erect a very robust.¬†Regarding the possibilities that can be used out of combat, they are actually endless, because the¬†Mokuton allows its user to alter the environment and¬†create entire forests!¬†ūüĆ≤

The experiments on the genes of Clan Senju

Hashirama DNA

Orochimaru, as part of an experiment, performed a¬†¬†transplant of Hashirama Senju's DNA¬†on the equivalent of 60 children, with the expectation that one of them would acquire the inheritance of Kekkei Genkai, Mokuton.¬†There was only one survivor:¬†¬†Yamato, the current main user of Mokuton, ūüĆ≥ but less powerful than Hashirama Senju (First Hokage).¬†Orochimaru proceeded¬†similarly for the transplant of Damz√ī Shimura.¬†¬†However, Danz√ī used the Genkai Kekkai of Mokuton as little as possible, as this transplant quickly depletes its user's chakra, would potentially be able to quickly gain the upper hand over its host's body.

When¬†Madara¬†was touched by the Tsuchikage Jutsu during the war against the world, he revealed that¬†Hashirama's face had been grafted onto his chest.¬†ūüėü However Kabuto clarified that this transplant had been done in a different way than the one done on Danzo's shoulder.¬†And that made the Edo Tensei invincible!

Senju Clan Members

Senju Clan Members

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