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Rasengan: Naruto's Whirling Orb

August 09, 2022 5 min read

Rasangan Whirling Orb Naruto

Rasengan is a technique that consists in rotating a large amount of chakra to form a sphere and swing it on the target. 🎯Rasengan is one of the most powerful techniques there is, this technique is not taught to just any shinobi.

The creation of the swirling orb

The whirling orb was created by the yellow lightning ⚡ of Konoha: Minato Namikaze which he based on the orb of demons (bijû). He spent three years perfecting the Rasengan. Like many Minato techniques, the Rasengan does not need seals to function.

Once formed, it also does not require a chakra to hold it in the hand, it can be inferred that the user can keep the swirling orb. 🌀 However, the Rasengan will dispel if it collides with anything, even if it is an unintended target.

Rasengan Minato

The size of the Rasengan varies from user to user barely enough to be noticeable. Basically, the orb is a bit larger than the user's hand. With a greater experience of this technique, the Rasengan can become larger, such as Naruto's Whirling Mega Orb  🍥 (Cho odama Rasengan)

Rasengan vs Chidori

Jiraiya thinks the  Rasengan as stronger than the Chidori, another shinobi agrees with this statement, indeed Sasuke Uchiwa has repeatedly seen the damage caused by these two techniques. Indeed, as Naruto's rival, Sasuke is well acquainted with the Whirling Orb. 🌀

On contact, the Rasengan propels its target away from the user or into the ground. When it bursts, this technique causes severe damage to the point of contact.


How to make a Rasengan?

The Rasengan requires extreme control of their chakra, something very few ninjas naturally possess. For this reason, Rasengan is difficult to master. To help the shinobis to acquire the control of the chakra necessary for the learning of Rasengan there are 3 steps:

  • Rotation🔄
  • Power💪
  • Containment💥

Chakra rotation:

The user learns to rotate their chakra. To help with this step, users are given a water balloon 💧 so that they can burst them through chakra kneading. The control of the chakra to burst the balloon is facilitated by the presence of water. The user needs to know in which direction their body naturally turns their chakra for this step. This test ends when the user pops the ball. Naruto achieves this technique by using his second hand to help rotate his chakra.

how to make a rasengan?

Chakra power:

The user must increase the volume and density of the chakra that he produces. To help him in this step, Naruto receives a rubber ball. There is no water inside to help them burst outside and the thickness of the rubber is thicker than that of a balloon. This step will put Naruto in difficulty. To help him, Jiraiya will make a mark on his palm. 🤚

Orb containment:

The user has to combine the first two steps in a confined sphere. To help with this ordeal, users may be given a balloon to help them imagine the orb; if the balloon is burst or warps, mastery of the Whirling Orb is not yet achieved. This is the most complicated stage, only the greatest ninjas manage to master it. To achieve this, Naruto found a trick: he creates a clone that rotates the chakra while he himself provides the chakra. 

Completing the last step is by far the most difficult. Because of this, both Naruto Uzumaki and Konohamaru Sarutobi use clones to help them form the Rasengan, the clone spins 🔄 the chakra while they supply the chakra.

Power of the Rasengan

This gives everyone a shortcut to using the Rasengan without spending the time to fully master their chakra. The two eventually learn to use the Rasengan without clones: Naruto in WW4 and Konohamaru in the decade after the war. The whirling orb became Naruto's main technique that took him to his climax. Like on this Whirling Orb T-shirt 💪

Rasengan: Improvement and potential

There are two main methods by which the Rasengan's offensive potential can be increased: making the Rasengan itself larger (as with the Mega Whirling Orb) or by using more than one Rasengan at a time (like the Fury of the orb). After absorbing Konohamaru's Rasengan, Momoshiki seamlessly fused it with his chakra to dramatically increase his size. ↕ Pain's Akatsuki has also tasted Rasengan. 

Minato created the Rasengan intending to combine it with his own chakra nature, a task that proved too difficult to accomplish before his death. Kakashi Hatake also failed to combine the Rasengan with his own lightning nature, causing him to be in place.

Kakashi chidori

Naruto initially struggles to combine the Rasengan with his windy nature, which he describes as difficult to watch left and right at the same time. He is ultimately able to overcome this obstacle by using a clone to provide chakra transformation while he and another clone form the Rasengan, thus creating the release of the wind: Fûton Rasengan.

Boruto Uzumaki unknowingly adds his lightning nature 🌩 to his Rasengan, allowing him to launch it at targets and make him invisible.

Boruto's Whirling Orb

After creating a small Rasengan, Boruto subconsciously adds the Raiton element to it, before throwing it. As she glides, the transformation of nature is suddenly triggered, resulting in the disappearance of the technique. This adds an element of surprise to the attack, as an opponent can let their guard down, assuming the technique has dispersed, only to find themselves struck by the invisible attack.

Boruto rasengan

Boruto's Vanishing Rasengan saw a significant increase in size following the Bandit Arc, where it was shown to be the size of an ordinary Rasengan. With enough chakra added, the Rasengan can become big. 💢

The influence of Senjutsu on Rasengan

While in Sage mode, Naruto can use an upgraded version of the Rasengan known as the Sage Technique: Rasengan. It is basically the same as the normal version except louder. In Sage mode, Naruto has an easier time training taller Rasengan. It is by using the Sage mode that he is first able to launch the Rasenshuriken.

Rasengan Vermilion

Naruto, as a jinchūriki, can use the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon Chakra 🦊 to help use the Rasengan. In the first part of Naruto, Kyubi priest his chakra to Naruto, and he easily manages to make a Rasengan without using a clone. Due to the influence of the nine-tailed fox demon, this Rasengan is darker in color and much more powerful. Different video games called it "Rasengan of the fox demon", "Rasengan Vermilion" "Nine-Tails Rasengan" 


Rasengan Kyubi

After learning to use Kyubi's Chakra Mode in Part II, Naruto uses chakra arms in place of a shadow clone to help him create the Rasengan. Because he can manifest multiple chakra arms at once, he can use multiple Rasengan simultaneously, similar to the "Planetary Whirling Orb" technique. 🪐

Kurama does not cooperate when Naruto begins to use Kyubi's chakra mode, preventing him from using the Demon Orb. 😈 Kyubi eventually agrees to work with him, allowing him to use the Demon Orb.

naruto swirling orb

Naruto later has access to the other Tailed Beasts chakra, the nature of which he can apply to the Rasengan and its variants, as seen with the Yonbi Chakra and the Lava Rasengan.

Anedctodes on the Rasengan:

  • The coloring of the Rasengan varies throughout the manga. On the cover of volume 52, it is yellow, while in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and on the covers of volume 67 and the third art book, it is blue.
  • In the anime, when Naruto and his clones used the Rasengan underwater, the rotating force was able to create a vortex. 🌀
  • In the anime, Naruto was able to cast his Rasengan, but in the manga, it was established that the Rasengan cannot be cast
  • In Naruto: Ultimate Ninja storm 3, Jiraiya was able to breathe fire at his Rasengan.
  • According to the Fourth Databook, Minato tried to combine the Katon 🔥, Futon💨 or Raiton⚡ with his Rasengan before his untimely death.
  • Katasuke was able to use this technique thanks to his Ninja glove.
  • The Jump Super Stars video game is one of the few instances where Part 1 Naruto 🍥 can access his unfinished version of his Rasengan, nicknamed "Rasengan: In Training" 

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