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How to make a good cosplay?

March 09, 2022 7 min read

How to make a good cosplay?

If you are reading these few lines, you are probably as passionate as we are about the world of manga, ⛩ anime, and video games. And like many otakus, you plan to take the plunge to try out the joys of cosplay. But what is it exactly? And how do you master this very special art?

The purpose of this blog post is to help you learn more about cosplaying. By offering you a detailed guide on the elements to take into account, we hope that you can fully live your passion and try your hand at the joys of disguise in the world of manga!

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What is cosplay?

Cosplay is a discipline that consists is to adopting the physical appearance of a character. Although this mostly concerns a hero from the Manga universe, it is however not mandatory to disguise yourself exclusively as an icon of Japanese culture. 🏯

Derived from the contraction of the words "costume" and "play", this term literally refers to the idea of ​​leisure attributed to the pleasure of disguise. 🎎 Having become popular with the advent of social networks, this practice constitutes a new art form in which certain influencers really give the feeling of embodying their character.

Who can cosplay?

cosplay august

The answer is simple: absolutely everyone. Cosplay relies on the ability of fans to use their imagination in creating and wearing the costumes of their choice. 👪 Whether you are a child, a teenager or an adult, a man or a woman, you can do cosplay. We are also seeing more and more cosplayers integrating their pets to make their disguise even more real.

When to cosplay?

Although it is possible to dress up whenever you want, there are still occasions when you can more easily meet other cosplayers. What to share your passion for manga and your taste for disguise to make other otaku fans dream. 🏮

The most famous cosplay event is undoubtedly the Japan Expo . 🇯🇵 Bringing together all fans of Japanese culture, this place will allow you to freely express your creativity. Along the alleys filled with manga and Japanese accessories, you will enjoy taking pictures alongside other enthusiasts in costume.

cosplay japan expo

More generally, video game conventions are great for cosplayers. The same goes for gatherings and events organized by Youtubers. 🖥 What better way to dress up than to surround yourself with fans with whom you share a common passion? In addition, these events are outside the strictly Japanese framework and will allow you to expand your possibilities in terms of costumes.

Finally, all the parties requiring a disguise will be events made for you. Whether it's HalloweenCarnival  🎊 or a fancy dress party with friends, you can let your taste for cosplay express itself. Now let's see step by step how you should think about the creation of your disguises.

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How to make a cosplay?

Are you determined to enter the magical world of cosplayers but don't know where to start? Let's see step by step all the elements you need to pay attention to for the best possible cosplay.

1 - Choose your character

cosplay saitama


Although it may seem obvious, choosing the character for your cosplay is a step that should not be overlooked. Whether you decide to make your costume yourself or directly buy a suitable costume, you need to be sure to make the right choice. 👩🏼‍🎤 Indeed, you will probably use your costume more than once in the future and the goal is that you like it as much in the future as now.

Another important element in choosing your character is their posture in the manga to which they belong. Is he a bad guy or a good guy? 🎭 Is he appreciated by other fans or on the contrary made fun of? Your goal is obviously to please yourself above all. However, the reactions of other otakus during events will impact your pleasure of cosplaying. So make sure you choose a character that you will be proud of and that you want to embody.

2 - Find the right clothes

Now that you know who your cosplay character will be, you need to dress in such a way that you look like him as much as possible. 🧥 For this step, no pressure: the objective is not necessary to have clothes perfectly identical to your hero. This is why you can choose to buy a Manga costume or to sew and assemble your clothes yourself.

Another important point is to determine what outfit you want to wear. In most manga, the main character evolves and his outfit with him. The goal is above all that your cosplay is recognizable and that it is inspired by the main physical traits of the one you will play. 👘 For example, Naruto is a character who dresses in orange. However, you will have to choose whether you want to wear her outfit as a child, teenager, or adult ninja.

3 - Equip yourself with accessories

What would a cosplay be without the accessories that bring it to life? Can you imagine Luffy without his straw hat? 👒 Well that's exactly the way you have to think about when you do your cosplay. The important thing is to succeed in immersing yourself, but also to immerse the people around you, in a different universe. We need to feel like we're living your adventures with you as if we were there.

So take the time to analyze what your hero's equipment is made of before cosplaying. Will you need to carry a Zanpakuto style saber for Ichigo? 🗡 Or do you need a pair of red gloves to play Saitama? 🥊 And what would ninjas be without their Ninja Kit? So many details that will add a real dimension to your costume.

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4 - Achieve the right hairstyle

cosplay sakura

One of the most characteristic elements in the Manga universe is the original hairstyle with which each of the characters is endowed. A true element of differentiation, it finalizes the physical appearance of a hero and allows him to give him charisma all his own. 💇🏻 What would Kakashi be without his messy long gray hair? Or Franky and his recognizable blue haircut?

In cosplayers, hair is like the icing on the cake that helps finalize a costume. 👌 You can also easily change your hairstyle, whatever your budget. Don't hesitate to use styling gel and wax to shape your hair. Take a coloring bomb in a supermarket to give them the chosen color. And if necessary, you can easily find inexpensive wigs in stores to complete your outfit.

5 - adopt the right attitude

At this point, you will have everything you need to physically look like the manga character of your choice. By wearing your disguise, you will feel like you are living your adventures with you. There will only be one thing left to do to truly bring your hero to life: adopt the right attitude.

Do some research on how to talk about your cosplay. Find out how they move or just look around. 👀 For example, Killer Bee always talks while raping. Conversely, Itachi is very silent and full of mystery. Luffy, for his part, speaks loudly and breathes the joy of living at all times. To have fun and have maximum fun, your cosplay must be more than just a simple disguise: you must become your hero.

How to make a Naruto cosplay?

cosplay naruto

You now know more about the different elements to consider to create the cosplay of your dreams. Now let's look at some manga universes to help you in the realization of your disguises. And what better way to do this than to start with the famous Konoha shinobis? ⚔️

Naruto-inspired cosplays are some of the most common you will come across at conventions. Their characters are colorful and it is very easy to recognize them. 🎉 They are therefore an ideal option if you want to start cosplaying and have fun with your friends. Discover our collection of Naruto Cosplays now and join a great fan community.

In addition, Naruto offers the possibility of creating your own character by making a personalized Ninja costume. All you have to do is choose the band of the village you want to belong to and equip yourself with a few kunais. For the rest, no doubt that your imagination will allow you to invent a new Ninja in Konoha, in the village of Kiri, or elsewhere.

Naruto Konoha Headband

How to do a One Piece cosplay?

cosplay luffy

The universe of One Piece is the most extensive of all the manga that exists. With over 20 years of writing to develop his story, Eichiro Oda has created the biggest world there is. 📚 A real opportunity if you want to dress up in the colors of the characters the most popular with fans. Discover our collection of One Piece Cosplays now.

Also, just like Naruto, don't forget that it is possible to create your own pirate character and bring it to life at Japan Expo. 🏴‍☠️ You just have to imagine his physical features as well as the power of the devil's fruit that he will have eaten. All you have to do is create your pirate flag and find One Piece accessories to bring it to life.

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What is your favorite cosplay?

Thanks to this article, you now know everything you need to know to create the cosplay of your dreams. The otaku passion is one of the most rewarding and dressing up in a community of fans will bring you intense moments of joy and sharing. 🦸‍♀️ We also hope that you will be one of those who animate and bring manga passion to life in the conventions and events that take place throughout the year.

With all this information, we are curious to know which is your favorite cosplay? Is this a One Punch Man cosplay with the effigy of Saitama? Or do you prefer to dress up as Ichigo thanks to the Bleach cosplays? Tell us in the comments, we'll be happy to hear more about what interests you personally. In the meantime, you will find all the costumes of your choice by taking a look at our collection of Manga Cosplays. See you soon friend Otaku!

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