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How did Naruto die ?

March 02, 2022 4 min read

How Naruto died?

At the very beginning of Boruto, it is said that Naruto was killed. However, recent news suggests this is not the case!

Did Naruto die in Boruto?

Did Naruto really die ⚰️ when Boruto started? Many fans were skeptical when soon after the completion of Naruto's long storyline, a new series was announced, centered around the adventures of Naruto's son Uzumaki, Boruto. Adding to those doubts, the fact that creator and director Masashi Kishimoto would only have a superficial implication on the new Boruto saga. Nonetheless, Boruto took off like a rocket, with a first episode that rocked the entire franchise!

Beginning with a flashforward, ⏱️ Boruto is in his late teens, wielding a sword and covered in strange marks. Surrounded by the ruins of the village of Konoha, Boruto faces off against a mysterious adversary called Kawaki, a boy of the same age whose arm and face are covered in similar patterns. As the duo prepares to fight, Kawaki threatens Boruto, saying, "I will send you to where I sent the 7th Hokage." At the time, the fanbase translated this phrase as a death threat and irrefutable proof that Kawaki had murdered Naruto. This theory gained momentum when Kishimoto announced that he believed Naruto's death could be beneficial for the rest of the saga.

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Why is Naruto not dead?

Naruto and Kawaki

Since that introduction on the death of naruto, ☠️ the saga has traveled back in time to explore Boruto's childhood and the evolution of the village set up by Naruto, the Seventh Hokage. Until now, there was very little information regarding why Naruto would have died, but the new scans have finally introduced important elements for the future of the story.

Kawaki eventually took center stage as the mighty Jigen, possessed by Isshiki Otsutsuki, established himself as the new main villain. 👹 Currently, Kawaki appears to be a tortured protagonist in the Sasuke Uchiha mold, rather than an outright villain!

In the rest of Boruto's chapters, some clues about Naruto's death once again surfaced. In issue # 37, it is revealed that Boruto and Kawaki's kama power possesses space-time abilities, ⏳ as Jigen suddenly appears in Naruto's house and activates the kama on Kawaki's body by going through a portal. Later in the fight, Naruto suffers a fate worse than death, as the sadist Isshiki wants him to suffer mentally for derailing his plans.

Explanation of Naruto's alleged death

Explanation of Naruto's death

Although Naruto and Sasuke are the most powerful duo in the saga, they will lose their fight to Isshiki (within his own hidden dimension). Luckily, Sasuke teleports using his Rinnegan, 👁️ forced to leave Naruto behind, as the Hokage is stuck due to Isshiki's chakra receptors. The leader of Konoha has nowhere to go and he can only count on the help of his companion, Sasuke, who is badly injured, to avoid dying!

But rather than kill Naruto, Isshiki spares him, as killing Naruto would require a large amount of chakra which would damage Jigen's physical makeup and make Isshiki vulnerable. He can't afford to waste his chakra on a shinobi as strong as Naruto, backed by the mighty Kurama. 🦊 As a result, Isshiki locks Naruto in a coffin in the shape of a kettle, this will have the impact of blocking the Seventh Hokage chakra and thus isolating him from the real world.

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Naruto is in another world

Naruto vs Jigen

More precisely, Naruto exists in the world of limbo 🪐 from which he cannot escape, cut off from those he loves until Isshiki decides otherwise. To kill all hope in Naruto, Isshiki psychologically tortures him. Isshiki wants to destroy Naruto from the inside by making him lose all fighting spirit. Not even Kurama 🦊 can escape this sealing.

This bodes very badly for Kawaki too, as there's a good chance Isshiki owns the boy Jigen 👹 conceived, which could lead to the villainous Kawaki we saw at the start of this series fighting an older Boruto...

Sasuke can save Naruto from death

Sasuke rinnegan

Hopefully, Sasuke can use his space-time eye abilities to find the alien dimension and free his brother in arms. However, as it stands, Naruto was disarmed and turned into a spectator, watching his family get kicked out 🔫 and all the ninja villages line up to be drained. Naruto is not used to this, but since he is helpless, held back in this world, for the time being, he can only hope to survive and trust Sasuke and the other members of the Shinobi Alliance!⚔️

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Even around the time of the release of the first chapter, many fans had sensed the confusion over Naruto's supposed disappearance. After all, the Shonen 🎥 series are generally reluctant to kill their lead character, especially when the aforesaid franchise turns 20. Today Boruto shows us a glimpse of how the great Seventh Hokage could be defeated in the future!

These revelations come to make us think that Naruto is a protagonist who seems indestructible to such an extent that his opponents must use cunning to succeed in defeating him in a duel! Although Naruto Uzumaki is not the most imposing character in history. Naruto and Sasuke are the most powerful duo in the Naruto saga! Be careful all the same to his offspring, Boruto, who may surprise us very soon! We can't wait to learn more about the different powers of the Kama! 📜

If you want to know more about the universe of Naruto, you should read our article on:  Who is the strongest Kage?

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