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Eye of Boruto: Jôgan

March 15, 2022 4 min read

Eye of boruto

So far, not much has been revealed about the origin and true power of Boruto's Dojutsu. We only know a tiny fraction of its power 🌪️ and as of now, Boruto has yet to gain full control of it. His official name has yet to be announced. But according to an illustration by Boruto, the name of his dojutsu translates to Jôgan (or Pure Eye). 💎 So let's use that name for now!

The Jôgan woke up in his right eye with black sclera and a light blue pupil. If you look closely, it also appears to have a white halo around Boruto's pupil. At the beginning of the Boruto saga, we see him as an adult mastering the various powers of his eye before falling back into the story of his early childhood. This vision of Boruto's future teaches us that he will become a Ninja certainly as powerful as his father.

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The extent of the powers of the Jôgan eye

  • First of all, he grants Boruto the power to feel and see the chakra, 🕵️ specifically the evil chakra. This ability auto-activates, possibly because Boruto hasn't taken control of it yet!
  • Second, it allows Boruto to see the chakra-walking system, similar to that of the Byakugan. The Jôgan even gives it an additional advantage over the Byakugan since Boruto can also locate the vital points of the chakra (Tenketsu).
  • Finally (for now) Boruto can see the invisible barrier that connects the different dimensions. He also appears to be able to influence the Dimensional Portal, as evidenced by his meeting with his classmate Sumire Kakei.

A fairly powerful set of powers indeed! But let's remind all fans that this is just the start and we can expect more in the future. But for now, the question is:

What is the eye of Boruto?

Eye of boruto

In Episode 8 🎞️ of the Boruto anime, we saw Toneri's return from the movie "The Last Naruto ", sending messages to Boruto saying the following: "Your eye is a star of hope. The power of hope lies dormant within you ... Against the destruction that will eventually take place. "

Now, let's put aside the "cliché" of the intended child hero, but instead focus on Toneri's lyrics. He says Boruto possesses the Star of Hope, 🌟 which strongly refers to Boruto's right eye. He mentioned this eye as being the Jôgan, which means "pure eye". Based on this information from Toneri, some people suspect that the Jôgan is a Dojutsu of the Byakugan - Tenseigan lineage. Some also think it was Toneri who gave Boruto the eye, but as of yet, we don't think so!

Naruto Sharingan painting

Boruto's Jôgan eye:

Boruto's Jougan Eye

From an Otaku Area perspective, we still think Boruto's Jôgan is related to the Otsutsuki clan. But it wasn't Toneri who gave Boruto the eye; on the contrary, Boruto inherited his eye through the chakra manifestation of Hinata and Naruto. 🧬 It might seem silly at first glance, but let's take a closer look at their lineage: In Naruto " The Last ", Hinata Hyuga (or Hinata Uzumaki since her marriage to Naruto) is called Princess Byakugan and therefore received the Chakra from Hamura Otsutsuki - twin brother of Hagoromo Otsutsuki. Using this power, she and Naruto were able to deactivate Toneri's Tenseigan.

  • Naruto, meanwhile, received Hagoromo's chakra during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

This is pure speculation, but let's think about it: according to the legend of the anime Naruto, Hagoromo and Hamura joined forces to seal their "bad mother". Doesn't that sound like "purifying"? And what sounds like "purify"? 💖 It's the Pure Eye! Coming back to Boruto's case, it was his Jôgan who spotted Nue's black chakra in the first place. This black chakra fed off negative human emotions. And what did Boruto do for his victims? He brought them back to normal, or in other words: he "purified them !"

Her name and power make sense in this case since we know that both Hagoromo and Hamura sealed their mother. 👩‍🦳 And it seems that the power of this seal is passed on to Boruto - son of Hinata and Naruto, both of whom inherited the chakra from Hamura and Hagoromo and their willpower.

In addition to this allusion, two other elements prompted us to develop this theory:

  • First, it was Toneri who told Boruto about the Eye and its fate. And who is Toneri? He is the descendant of the Otsutsuki clan and in "Naruto The Last", Toneri wanted to "cleanse" humanity. 🧹 Is it a coincidence that such a man tells Boruto about his great destiny?

Originally, Kaguya was the first to discover the Chakra. She used this enormous power to bring peace, but little by little she is consumed by greed and power. 👑 In other words, she has become "evil". But at the same time, the Chakra can be used for good, typically in the case of his twin sons Hagoromo and Hamura who sealed off their mother's "evil". They represent the good side of the chakra and how it can help humanity. Therefore, we believe that the Pure Eye, Jôgan is a form of pure chakra - the Yin chakra that would support humanity. 🌀 This could explain why the Jôgan was able to detect Nue's dark chakra.

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Conclusion on Boruto's right eye: 

Hagoromo and Hamura

With all this evidence, it seems that Jogan represents the pure chakra from the combined power of Hagoromo and Hamura. 🔃 Boruto inherited Jôgan through his lineage, not because Toneri or someone mysteriously gave him the eye. What about the fate Toneri conjured up for Boruto? This means that Boruto is meant to help the world and keep it from falling into darkness. We can now say that his eye is the dojutsu capable of purifying the darkness that threatens this world!

But hey, is that just speculation from the Otaku Area team? And you? What do you think of the power of Boruto's Eye? Do not hesitate to react in the comments section!


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