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Why does Naruto have mustaches?

March 04, 2022 4 min read

Why does Naruto have mustaches?

There has been a lot of speculation and theories surrounding the main character of the Japanese Planetary Saga,  Naruto, and his mustache  ! 😺 Why would a teenager have mustaches when he is human? Why would a Human have these kinds of marks on their face? There are many stories online on this subject as well as in several Japanese media.

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Naruto Mustache Theory:

One of the theories is that his mustaches symbolize his bijû, that is, the nine-tailed fox demon, Kyubi! A physical trait of Kurama would have taken precedence over the genetics 🧬 of the protagonist of the series, Naruto.

Another theory about these mysterious mustaches is that they are actually not mustaches. But rather freckles that have been drawn in such a way that they look pretty much like mustaches. Many Naruto fans support this thesis because Naruto is a teenager and therefore his facial hair cannot be developed enough to show hair on his face. For the Otaku Area team, the first theory makes a lot more sense! 👍

Why does Naruto have mustaches?

Why does Naruto have mustaches?

A lot of people think that Naruto's mustaches come from the mix between Naruto's Chakra and Kyubi's! 🦊 That Kurama's chakra, the fox, would have had a physical impact on Naruto's face and more specifically on his cheeks! 🙀 This is why he would have mustaches. Other speculations also suggest that Naruto has bathed in the Nine-Tailed Fox Chakra since he was in the fetus stage! Indeed, his mother, Kushina, is none other than the former Jinchûriki of Kyuubi! It would therefore be normal that the Kyuubi chakra is played a role in the final physical aspect of Naruto.

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Why do the other Jinchûriki not have mustaches then?

Naruto: Jinchûriki

You are going to tell me, you are completely stupid at Otaku Area where? If the jinchûruki take the characteristics of their tailed beast, then Kushina should also have obtained the same physical trait as her son., that is, mustaches! 😽 While Naruto was not a Jinchûriki when he was born, he nevertheless has mustaches! Much like Naruto, Kushina inherited Kyubi from a very young age. It is estimated that she obtained Kyubi around the age of 12 and that she lived with him until the age of 22. And yet even though Kurama cohabited with her in his own body, we do not see any physical modification on Kushina! 👩‍🦰 (to be sure, maybe we should ask the question directly to Minato, he is certainly the person most aware of any physical modification on his wife's body).

Naruto is not the only Jinchûriki with a physical trait similar to his Bijû! For example, Gaara has a line around the eyes 🎨 and has no eyebrows, this physical feature comes from his Bijû, Shukaku, who also has eyes in this form.

Let's go back a few years, just like Naruto, Gaara's mother was Shukaku's Jinchûriki when she got pregnant. Indeed, Gara's father, Rasa, the fourth Kazekage, experienced the implantation of the Bijû Shukaku in the stomach of his pregnant wife. Much like Naruto, Gaara's mother was Shukaku's Jinchûriki when she got pregnant. Which explains this unique physical trait which is represented by a black line surrounding the eyes of the famous shinobi Gaara. We can therefore deduce that to obtain a physical trait similar to his Bijû, 👹 it is necessary to have coexisted with him during the formation of the fetus in the womb of his mother.

Why do Naruto's children have mustaches?

Boruto Naruto Hinata Himawari

I can already see you coming! OK Otaku Area .. your theory more or less holds up .. but then can you explain to us why the children of Naruto, Boruto, and his sister Himawari, also have mustaches just like their father whereas Hinata wasn't Kyubi's Jinchûriki when they were born? 🦊 From what we have seen, a ninja with a Bijû does not necessarily have a significant trait related to his Bijû. For this one to inherit a physical trait, the mother must have the Bijû before becoming pregnant... In this case, we can see in the offspring a similarity around a physical feature! How can we explain it? It would seem that when the Jinchûriki is the father, his direct descendants would also be able to get physical features linked to their father's Bijû! 👺

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Why do Ginkaku and Kinkaku have mustaches?

Ginkaku and Kinkaku

There are 2 people besides Naruto, Boruto, and Himawari who have mustaches. These individuals are the brothers Ginkaku and  Kinkaku, although they were never the Jinchûriki of Kyubi and they do not have a link with him by their descent. They nevertheless have mustaches just like Naruto and his children! How is it possible? What does this physical transformation have in common? According to the legend that hovers around his 2 antagonists, they would have spent a whole week in Kurama's womb. To survive inside it, they decided to feed directly on the flesh of Kyuubi 🦊 to avoid starving! Therefore, they have in them both a tiny part of the Kyuubi chakra as well as a part of the Kyubi gene! This theory, therefore, explains why they also have 2 mustaches in the same way as Boruto and Himawari.

Why don't Tsunade and nawaki have mustaches?

Tsunade and Nawaki

Hm ... Your theory seems to be particularly interesting Otaku Area, however, can you explain to us why Tsunade and his brother Nawaki do not have a mustache when their grandmother 👩‍🦳 is none other than Mito the first wife of Hashirama and the first Jinchûriki of Kyuubi? Especially since we know that she fell pregnant with Tsunade and Nawaki's parents after becoming Kyuubi's Jinchûriki! According to your logic, his grandchildren should also have the attribute "mustache" of Kyuubi and at the same time his grandchildren. That's a very good question! As explained above, we believe that the only way for this attribute to be granted to the future generation requires that the father or the mother be Jinchûriki of Kyubi and that the fetus of the child develops within the chakra of the fox demon. ! In the case of Tsunade or Nawaki, only the grandmother was Jinchûriki. (We do not have any information about their parents).

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