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Tobirama Senju

August 19, 2022 6 min read

Tobirama Senju

 Tobirama Senju is a ninja from the anime series and manga Naruto. He was the Second Hokage of the Hidden Village of Konoha 🍁 and was from the founding Senju Clan who, along with the Uchiha Clan, founded the Hidden Leaf Village.

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History of Tobirama

Tobirama is a member of the Senju clan, but also the little brother of Hashirama, the leader of the Senju clan. Upon Hashirama's death, Tobirama was appointed as the second Hokage of Konoha. During his reign, he developed the organization and the village of Konoha. To do this, he set up various organizations such as the Academy, the ANBU, the Chunin exams, and the Police, 👮‍♂️ the latter having been created as a sign of confidence in the Uchiha Clan which constituted the majority of this organization. However, according to Madara, the police were actually created with the aim of creating some distance from the Uchiha clan, as they were actually closely watched by the ANBU service. 

During his tenure, he meets the Raikage ⚡ to form a formal alliance between the Hidden Cloud and the Village of Leaves; however, Kinkaku and Ginkaku, the Gold and Silver Brothers attempt a coup against the Raikage and Tobirama. Tobirama realized that the only way for either of them to escape alive was to act as a decoy, and he chose to sacrifice himself in order to save the group as well as Hiruzen. He also entrusted the village of Konoha to his pupil who is none other than the fourth Hokage. Homura and Koharu would later become Hiruzen's advisers. After giving the title of Hokage to Hiruzen, Tobirama left to fight the enemies, where he died a noble death in battle, ☠️ continuing the teachings of his brother " 

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Tobirama Wikipedia

Tobirama Senju


He had a good sense of humor, even under stress. Like his brother, Tobirama was very loyal to his people and put the well-being of Konoha before his own. Tobirama trusted himself and did not doubt his abilities. He was a dynamic character who enjoyed fighting and was very courageous. The second Hokage believed in the next 🔮 generation of Konoha shinobi. A defender of the will of fire, Tobirama held a grudge against the Uchiha Clan, guilty of the deaths of his brothers. According to Hashirama, Tobirama was someone manipulative and that tended to annoy him!        


Tobirama's official attire was recognizable by his blue armor, spiky gray hair, red eyes, and the three red markings on his face. He proudly wears a Konoha 🍁 emblem on his metal helmet and has a collar of fur around the neck. Apart from his ninja outfit, Tobirama wore a simple kimono, 👘 a blue shirt held by a pale yellow belt, and pants with mesh armor underneath, not to mention his lucky bracelet in his left hand.

Tobirama skills

According to young Danzo, Tobirama was considered to be Konoha's strongest shinobi of his time, since the death of his brother, Hashirama. He was also considered by his people as worthy to become Hashirama's successor as Hokage. He, unfortunately, died during the First Great Shinobi War. ⚔️ Tobirama was a shinobi with a high IQ, very strong strategically, he was able to think and react quickly in critical situations.   

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Tobirama is known to be the greatest inventor of Naruto Jutsu! Indeed, his Jutsu had positive and negative impacts on the Naruto saga. He created for example Multi-cloning, The God of Flying Thunder, and The Reincarnation of Souls.

Sensory abilities

Tobirama was a sensory Hokage, that is, he was able to sense the sources of chakra surrounding him. In addition, by simply touching the earth with his index finger, Tobirama could detect the presence and number of enemy ninjas, or obtain information very quickly thanks to his ability.

He stood out for his excellent mastery of the water Jutsu, the  Suiton (Water Style). Tobirama was able to use powerful aquatic-type abilities in areas without a source or waterhole, which made him the best Suiton user in the Naruto saga.

Space-time ninjutsu

Few users can use space-time capabilities, however, Tobirama is one of the best! This Jutsu allows him to obtain great mobility in combat and to teleport quickly and thus surprise the enemy. 


Kenjutsu Tobirama

According to the anime, Tobirama also wielded the sword of the Lightning God, 🌩️ a blade with electrical abilities. This sword was tough enough to face a Chidori or Rasengan. We can therefore imagine a lot of possible combos with his Suiton ability! He is also known for his great physical dexterity and considerable skills in the field of taijutsu, as well as for his teamwork with his older brother, Hashirama Senju. 

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Suiton: the element of water

Tobirama Suiton

Tobirama was an excellent Suiton user, 🌊 he was able to use water ninjutsu with no nearby spring! He was so good that he would have been able to use the Suiton in desert locations such as the wasteland of Windy Country. In reality, Tobirama was manipulating the micro-droplets present in the air 💦! An absolute master of Suiton Jutsu, more powerful than Zabuza or even Kisame. Besides being able to manipulate micro-droplets, he could manipulate their shapes as well. But his genius does not stop there, he was for example able to use the Jutsu Suiton Water Dragon and to reduce the number of 40 mudrâ to be performed in just 3 mudrâ 👉 (seals performed with the hands). Tobirama can for example counter all the Jutsu around the Katon.

Reincarnation of souls

Reincarnation of souls

This ability is arguably the most powerful among the Kinjutsu panel . existing in the whole manga. Few shinobi can master this dangerous Kinjutsu, ☢️ to our knowledge, only Kabuto and his sensei Orochimaru can use it.

Tobirama is the creator of the Reincarnation of Souls Jutsu, a forbidden ability that can bring humans back to life in exchange for more lives. These people brought back to life, would be immortal and subject to the user of this Jutsu. After realizing the dangerousness of this Jutsu, Tobirama stopped its development of it. However, the best use of the Soul Reincarnation ability is Kabuto, the medical ninja 💊 associated with Orochimaru. Kabuto would imply within the anime, that he would have succeeded in making this Kinjutsu evolve to a level never equaled by its creator and by Orochimaru.

It is important to specify that, unlike classic ninjutsu,  this forbidden Jutsu does not dissipate, even if its user dies. In addition, even if a revived shinobi takes damage, their body regenerates almost instantly and automatically. It is also important to note that talismans allow the summoner to be able to freely manipulate a ninja that has been revived, as these talismans take away the free will of the summons.

Explanation of this technique: the user of the reincarnation of souls introduces behind the head of the reanimates, different talismans-kunaïs containing their own DNA 🧬 to restore their forces, their appearances, and their techniques of the time.  The reincarnated Shinobis, therefore, keep their range of techniques  (Genjutsu, taijutsu, and ninjutsu) as well as their hereditary techniques (Kekkai Genkai) that they used while alive! According to our information, the only way to be able to stop this technique is to seal the reincarnations one by one!

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Scalar Tangle of Scrolls

Scalar Tangle of Scrolls

Tobirama invented this ninjutsu to combine it with his "Reincarnation of Souls" technique. Its principle is very simple, the goal is to allow a summon in turn to summon explosive scrolls, and these same explosives duplicate to create a chain reaction of explosions. 💣 The Summoner of Scalar Entanglement cannot survive this ability, which is why  Tobirama wanted to use invulnerable summons.

Tobirama Techniques

Tobirama Senju's Techniques

  • Suiton - Water Release: Water Formation Wal:

    Tobirama forms a huge water-based rampart. A technique allowing to counter all the Jutsu and the element of fire.
  • Suiton - Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique :
    Tobirama uses the micro-droplets 💦 suspended in the air to form a gigantic dragon capable of slaying his enemies!  
  • Suiton -  Water Release: Water Bullet Technique:
    Tobirama blows a powerful water geyser. This technique can cut any material. 
  • Suiton -  Water Release: Water Colliding Wave :

    Very powerful ninjutsu which consists in creating a real Tsunami 🌊 and sending it on his or her enemies!
  • Suiton - Water Release: The Water Lances:

    The piercing technique was created by Tobirama. It consists of sending water lances with great pressure. This technique can pass through any material. 
  • Suiton -  Water Release: Water Clone Technique

    Ninjutsu spread to Hidden Mist Village. It allows its user to create and manipulate clones fashioned from water
  •  Bringer-Of-Darkness darkness  :

    As you can imagine, it's a Genjutsu that plunges all the surrounding ninjas into total darkness. 🌑 Hashirama is also able to employ this technique.

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