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Jinchuriki transformations

February 05, 2022 10 min read

Jinchuriki transformations

All jinchūriki are eventually able to manipulate the different abilities of theirtailed beasts. These are experiences that allow them to control their powers to degrees different, 🐙🦊 giving them capabilities more similar to their Demons! This article has been written so that you can see more clearly. The different transformations of the Jinchuriki are quite complex, so hang in there, it starts now!

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What is a Jinchuriki?

Jinchuriki Naruto

A Jinchuriki is a shinobi who has a sealed Biju within his own body. Which means he owns a tailed beast or a tailed demon. 👹 The strength of these animals is exceptional, they also have a unique chakra of their own! It is for this reason that the different countries of the world of Naruto are looking for a tailed demon!
All of them want to protect themselves from the constant threat of other countries, but also to conquer this world. 🌎 Therefore, most countries want to get a tailed beast!

What is a Biju?

Biju Naruto

A Bijû is a huge mystical creature with an enormous amount of chakra! Their powers are described in the series as "beyond human comprehension and uncontrollable". 💪 There are nine of them and they can be distinguished by the number of their tails. In reality, tailed beasts are beings composed of chakra. As you can imagine, each of its monsters has its peculiarities as well as affinities with certain elements. 🌊🔥 These were created when Hagoromo Otsutsuki sealed the Jûbi chakra into nine separate parts so that Jubi could not destroy this world upon Hagoromo's death.

List of Bijû:

  • Ichibi  (Shukaku) 1 tail; in the shape of a raccoon.
  • Nibi  (Matatabi) 2 tails; in the form of a ghostly cat.
  • Sanbi  (Isobu) 3 tails; inthe shape of a turtle.
  • Yonbi  (Son Gokû) 4 tails; inthe shape of a monkey.
  • Gobi  (Kokuô)  5 tails; in the form of both a  dolphin and a white horse.
  • Rokubi  (Saiken) 6 tails; shaped like a slug.
  • Nanabi (Chômei) 7 tails; rhinoceros beetle shape.
  • Hachibi  (Gyûki) 8 tails; in the shape of both an octopus and a bull.
  • Kyūbi (Kurama) 9 tails; in the shape of a fox.
  • Jūbi  (Juubi) 10 tails - indescribable shape; the primordial demon of the world of Naruto.

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Jinchuriki: Initial form

Different Forms of a JinchurikiBy simply tapping the 🌊 chakra of their Bijû, a jinchūriki can transform. Jinchurikis are usually surrounded by a shiny red chakra layer ⭕ which gives them more strength, speed, and a better regeneration. The beast chakra merges with that of the jinchūriki and becomes able to manipulate the chakra to a certain extent.

Utakata can for example transform it into waves and explosions, 💥 while Naruto can generate shock waves using his roars and fists. In this guise, the jinchūriki's body undergoes slight physical changes. When Naruto enters this form, his eyes turn red and his pupils are slit. His fingernails and canines become longer and sharper. 💅

Naruto's hair is also getting longer and spikier, and his mustache in the form of markings becomes more noticeable. 😻  When the Jinchûriki Utakata entered this state, his eyes turned a much paler yellow than normal and he did not undergo any other physical changes. It is also possible for a jinchūriki to enter this state without the chakras visibly emanating from it!

Jinchuriki: Version 1

JInchuriki Version 1

Known Users Uzumaki Naruto Killer B Blue B  (anime only),  Sora  (anime only)  Utakata  (anime only),  Rin Nohara  (games only)

Version 1 - or that Jiraiya 🐸 called " demonic chakra cloak"- forms a dense chakra shroud around the jinchūriki. The shroud is a transparent, boiling demonic red 🩸 that forms throughout, and provides some physical protection. However, it can also harm the wearer. 'it is used to some extent. The physical changes undergone during the initial transformation become more noticeable than during its initial Jinchûriki form!

The shroud that surrounds the jinchūriki vaguely resembles the corresponding tailed beast; chakra legs stick together. form around his hands and, in the case of Killer B, chakra horns are forming on his head. 🐙 Because the chakra is malleable, the shroud can extend beyond the reach of the jinchūriki, often used to create arm chakra that allows them to interact with their surroundings.

The most significant manifestation is the tail that springs from the body of the jinchūriki, with a maximum of tails that the corresponding bijû possesses. As with the chakras, these tails can help the jinchūriki by clinging to its surroundings. 🌳 For each tail produced, the jinchūriki gains speed, strength, and chakra.

Akatsuki Cloud Cap

 The source of the chakra shroud differs from one Jinchûriki to another. For the jinchūriki who have not learned to control their Bijû, it is the chakra of their tailed beast that surrounds them. The beast chakra will tend to be harmful, and people near a jinchūriki will experience slight physical discomfort; 🤮 Those that come in contact with the shroud will suffer a painful burn wherever they touch it.

The jinchūriki themselves experience increasing corrosion of their body which can eventually damage parts of it. 💊 This shroud is usually acquired through increasing rage and/or the weakening of the seal that keeps the beast in the shinobi's body. The manifestation of each additional tail increases the difficulty of manipulating the Bijû.

While a jinchūriki has never been observed to completely lose control of himself in Version 1 form, he does transform into an aggressive animal. 🦊 One of the advantages is that the shroud can act on its own, and therefore improves the sixth sense of its holder and therefore its reaction speed. Indeed in this form, the jinchuriki has increased reflexes!

The improved version 1 of Naruto: 

After Naruto befriended Kurama, these disadvantages were removed and he can now use version 1 on his own and can transfer it to otherninjas, thus granting them all the benefits of version 1. The chakra of this form is also capable of repelling jutsu like Amaterasu. We had the opportunity to witness the power of this form during the Fourth Great Shinobi War. To protect all ninjas on the battlefield, Naruto showed the world his exceptional mastery by lavishing a chakra cloak on all his allies on the battlefield.

Jinchuriki: Version 2

Jinchuriki Version 2

Known Users: Naruto Uzumaki, Ginkaku, Han, Killer B, Kinkaku, Fū, Nine-Tail Naruto Clone (anime only), Rōshi, Utakata, Yagura Karatachi, Yugito Nii, Killer B (anime only), Sora (anime only)

Version 2, as described by Sabu, is the conversion of the Tailed Beast chakra to humanoid form, which gives the jinchūriki 👹 an advantage in battle without fully releasing the Bijû. The jinchūriki's body is then used as a kind of exoskeleton, possessing a skin made of dark red, almost black chakra. The physical manifestations of the corresponding beast that are vaguely present in the states of version 1 become much clearer in version 2, in a way reproducing the beast in miniature: muscle mass increases and the attributes specific to the Bijû allow us now to identify the tailed beasts. The ears become clearly defined. 👂

Entering version 2 creates a phenomenal amount of energy, producing craters under the jinchūriki entering this mode, which in turn creates a new combat surface. Strength, speed, and chakras are again increased beyond the levels of the previous forms and the shroud remains a reliable defense against many Jutsu. It is also possible for the jinchūriki to create chakras around themselves: Killer B for example creates a bull's skull to perform a more powerful Raiton.

Most of the jinchūriki have been seen entering the Version 2 state with the same number of tails as their corresponding beast. The Kinkaku brothers, and by extension  Ginkaku, represent an exception in that not only do they not have a complete set of nine tails, 🐙 but one tail remains much longer than all the others.

Naruto is also an exception, as he was seen in his Version 2 with four and six tails (and seven tails in the anime). Unlike how the number of tails in Version 1 might measure a jinchūriki's strength, there is no observable correlation between the number of tails in Naruto Version 2 and his destructive abilities. 💣

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Naruto version 2:

Naruto Jinchurii version 2 6 tails

Naruto never knowingly entered Version 2. As the seal that held Kurama 🦊  weakened over the years, he became more and more sensitive to its influence. By fully submitting to the beast and his rage, Naruto would grant Kurama full control of his body which then formed a Version 2 shroud around him.

Naruto's ability to distinguish between friend and foe wears off, and he attacks anyone nearby in any way, allowing him to defeat his target, oblivious to the consequences of his attacks. The form itself has several consequences for Naruto, as its corrosive qualities burn his skin and stain the shroud with his blood. 🩸

The regenerative abilities granted to him through his tailed beast, Kurama, constantly heal damage, but in the long run, shorten his lifespan through the constant destruction and creation of cells. 🔋 

Jinchuriki: Partial Transformation

Jinchûriki Partial Transformation

Known Users: Naruto Uzumaki, Gaara, Han, Killer B, Minato Namikaze, Fū, Nine-Tail Naruto Clone (anime only), Rōshi, Utakata, Yagura Karatachi, Yugito Nii, Blue B (anime only), Sora (anime only)

Rather than completely transforming into their respective beast, a jinchūriki 👹 can isolate the transformation on a part of their body. Instead of appearing as a demonic chakra, these partial transformations resemble the limbs of the beast, having fur, scales, etc. The reincarnated and Tobi-controlled jinchūriki each briefly produce a tail of their respective Tailed Beast, with the sole exception of Fū and Rōshi.

KIller B  is naturally gifted for the partial fusion of his body with that of Hachibi. He often produces extra tentacles 🐙 to increase his ability to interact with others and his environment, as well as to improve his dexterity. He transformed one of his arms at different times, either to increase his throwing power or to block a punch.

Naruto's partial transformations have been the most significant among those that have been observed. To free himself from the Chibaku Tensei, he entered a state just before a complete transformation of the beast (which, at the time, would have required the seal to be completely broken); the only features he lacked to fully resemble Kurama 🦊 were a ninth tail, skin, and fur, its transformation otherwise corresponding to the size of the beast and possessing all other parts of the body.

Uchiha Clan Cap

Gaara represents an anomaly in the scheme of partial transformations of jinchūriki. While all other jinchūriki transformations are made up of chakras, Gaara's is made of sand. ⏳ He gradually piles up sand on his body, which gives him a very close resemblance to his Bijû, Shukaku.

In many ways, it is similar to the forms in version 1: its tusks are practically impenetrable; he can stretch his limbs in the sand beyond their normal reach; the more sand the body is covered with, the more speed and strength increases. 💹 As it is sand, he can detach from himself the parts of his "body" which will keep their shape as long as he exercises the chakra which maintains them.

Jinchuriki: Bijû Mode

Naruto Jewel Mode

Known Users : Naruto Uzumaki, Fū, Gaara, Han, Killer B, Menma Namikaze (anime only), Minato Namikaze, Blue B, Obito Uchiha, Rōshi, Utakata, Yagura Karatachi, Yugito Nii, Mecha-Naruto (video game only), Rin Nohara (video game only), Menma Uzumaki (film only)

All jinchūriki can completely transform into Bijû when the seal breaks and they lose control of the beast entirely. However, this usually results in the death of the jinchūriki. ⚰️ Tailed Beast Mode is one way to avoid this. By subduing the tailed beast or learning to work in unison with it, a jinchūriki can become a full-scale replica of the beast with full access to its strength and natural abilities. If desired, the jinchūriki can pass control of this form to the beast itself.

Bijû Mode is devastatingly powerful and poses an incalculable risk of collateral damage. 🌋 This is why Killer B was prohibited from using this form under normal circumstances, as it could easily destroy an entire ninja village if left unchecked. The most dangerous and powerful ability this mode has is "Tailed Demon Orb."

Naruto Jewel Mode

Naruto Biju Mode

For information, Naruto was not able to fully recreate Kurama's form. At first, it was because the fox did not want to cooperate with him, so all attempts to transform into him were unsuccessful. He has since been able to gain Kurama's cooperation, but his "Tailed Beast" mode is unique, 😍 because he doesn't look as much like his demon as the other jinchūriki. 

Another peculiarity of Naruto, when he accesses Sage mode while in Tailed Beast mode, his avatar of Kurama wins the rings around his eyes. Naruto maintains this mode even when he has his Six Path Sage mode, with his avatar of Kurama becoming several times larger and more powerful. By combining his Kurama avatar with others created by shadow clones, Naruto can manifest a form similar to that possessed by Asura Ōtsutsuki. 👼

Gaara's Biju Mode

Biju Gaara Fashion

Gaara's Bijû mode is also unique; unlike that of the other Jinchuriki, his transformation is composed entirely of sand. It can therefore easily break if Gaara is knocked out. Moreover, it takes some time for Shukaku to acquire the full extent of his strength. Gaara is, therefore, unable to produce Orbs of Bijû ⚫ at the start of a fight, and must instead concentrate on his other powers, such as controlling the sand or releasing the wind.

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Jubi: the most powerful of the Bijû

Jubi Naruto first form

The 10-tailed demon, Jubi, is the combined form of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki and the divine tree. 🌳 Jubi represents both the very essence of the chakra, but also destruction. To stop this demon, Kaguya's son, Hagoromo Otsutsuki became the jinchuriki of the Biju to split the power of this incredible demon. Once merged with him, he split his chakra into 9 parts, representing the nine-tailed demons.

In this way, Hagoromo saved the world by limiting the powers of this creature and limiting its damage! 🌏 Unfortunately several centuries later, Madara and Tobi set out to revive Jubi to become his Jinchuriki and at the same time, dominate the ninja world.

Obito Jinchuriki: first form

Obito Jinchuriki First Form

By becoming Jubi's jinchūriki, Obito's body underwent physical transformations! 🦋 It has become white and its right side now has scales as well as ten protuberances emerging from its back; five near his shoulder and five near his hips. A unique pattern of Rinnegan and nine magatamas also appears on her back, which resembles the pattern on the back of Hagoromo's robe.

Like other jinchūriki transformations, this form gave Obito a huge boost in speed and strength, 💪 since he was able to take two Hokage, both renowned for their speed, by surprise, and was able to smash 2 powerful Sage Art of Hashirama Senju. After entering this form, Obito formed two balls of truth, which floated behind each of his hands, and he became able to fly.


Obito Jinchuriki: second form

Obito Jinchuriki

After regaining control of his mind, Obito underwent a second transformation. In this form, the protrusions of her upper back wrapped around her neck, while the five lower protrusions widened to resemble a dress. 👗 He also gained two horns on his forehead, the right being wider than the left, and a pattern of six magatama marks on his chest. Obito manifested eight more balls of truth, which floated in a circular formation behind his body, and was able to form half of Hagoromo's shakujō.

Entering his version of "Bijû mode", he formed the body of the ten tails from the spike-like protrusions on his back, which then split apart to reveal his tree shape. Although separated from his body, the tree acted as an extension of Obito.  The divine tree also remained on the battlefield while Jubi was separated from Obito's body. 🌲

Mightiest Madara Jinchuriki

Madara Jinchuriki

Madara also underwent a radical transformation when he became Jubi's jinchūriki, but unlike Obito, he immediately took control of the power of the beast. Madara's skin turned gray and her hair turned a taupe (white in the anime). Instead of possessing garment-like flesh, Madara was covered in a full outfit made up of chakras, 🌊 with a six magatama pattern below the neck and a Hagoromo-like pattern on the back.

He also got a kind of forehead protector that emerged from the left side of his forehead and had an upward curve on his right side and a single horn on his left side. He was able to create ten balls of truth, one of which formed the other half of Hagoromo's shakujō, and also gained the ability to fly. After absorbing the tree form of Jubi, which was previously produced by Obito, Madara obtained additional magatama marks around the cuffs of her sleeves and the hem at the bottom of her chakra garments. Approaching the moon 🌑 while having her two Rinnegan, Madara awakened a Rinne Sharingan on her forehead, allowing her to cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

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