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Hashirama Senju

August 17, 2022 7 min read

Hashirama Senju

Hashirama Senju was the first Hokage, which in Japanese means "The first or founder of Shadow of Fire". He is from the Senju clan of Konoha. They founded with the Uchiha clan 🌘 the village of the hidden leaf. 

Hashirama personality

Hashirama has proven to be a very calm and collected person, as well as kind and loving, with a deep sense of loyalty, he also possesses great charisma and negotiation skills. He considered the people of Konoha to be his own family, 👨‍👩‍👧 and his heritage was deeply rooted in the village of Konoha. He also proved to be a very wise and insightful man, imparting great teachings to Sarutobi. He was the first to believe that all ninjas in Konoha had to show true loyalty to one another and that a Kage had to be willing to give his life to make his village an example for all others. . This belief is known as the "Will of the Fire".   

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Hashirama Senju

The Senju had dark brown skin, brown eyes, and long black hair. In most cases, he dressed like his brother-in-arms, 🪓 Uchiha Madara, with dark red colored plated metal armor similar to those worn in the days of the samurai, ninja sandals, as well as a sort of headband: either a protective forehead band or simply a red ribbon. On either side of the collar of the armor, it bore the symbol of the Senju clan. When in the village, he wore either the official Hokage outfit with a tiara or a brown kimono shirt with mesh armor which he held closed with a red belt and navy blue pants.


Hashirama Senju

Hashirama Senju was considered by Madara Uchiha and several Jonins of Konoha to be the most powerful ninja of his time. 💪 He was highly respected during his lifetime by many ninjas, which is why Madara said that Hashirama was the person he respected the most, as well as the one he hated the most. He was also able to perform a large number of ninjutsu techniques. 

In the manga, he uses a genjutsu against Hiruzen which covers a large area in the dark. In the anime, it is his brother Tobirama Senju who uses this genjutsu instead. During his battle ⚔️ against Madara, Hashirama is seen using a variety of weapons he summoned from a large scroll. His skills and abilities were so great that he was able to not only fight on a level playing field with Madara despite the might of his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and the help of Kyubi, 🦊 but also survive the battle and achieve the final victory. The injuries he caused Madara were so severe that even decades later they continue to affect him greatly.  

NARUTO Kyubi Jinchuriki

History of Hashirama

Hashirama was born during an unstable period when the various ninja clans sold their services to the highest bidding clans. Although he was still a child, Hashirama already longed for peace! 🕊️ Above all else, he wanted to stop the slaughter of children on the battlefields.  

Hashirama then meets Madara Uchiha for the first time by a river. They shared a part of the ricochets. During this game, neither Hashirama nor Madara disclosed their surnames, as it was considered reckless at that time. Unbeknownst to them, their clans had been in a bloody feud - for ages, constantly engaged by opposing factions to thwart their natural enemy.

since their childhood, Madara and Hashirama indirectly believed that the best way to survive in this world of ninjas was to befriend one's enemies. Soon after, Hashirama attended the funeral of his younger brother, Kawarama, who had been murdered by members of the Uchiha clan. Saddened 😭 by Kawarama's death, ⚰️ Hashirama had a brief argument with his father over what he considered an unnecessary death, and his misunderstanding to send his little brothers into battle. 

Soon after, Itama, Hashirama, and Tobirama's other younger brother fell into war again. The event caused Hashirama to return to the banks of the river, where he met Madara once more and discussed with him Itama's death. Finding solace in each other's company, the two shinobi met regularly by the river, 🏞️ where they trained, shared their techniques, and discussed their prospects.

It was during one of these encounters that Hashirama revealed his dream of creating a new village where people could live in peace and, above all, where children could grow up and study together. It would be a place where shinobi would be given missions based on their skill level and not out of the necessity of completing a battlefield. Madara agreed and the two children decided to build their dream village below the very cliff where they were talking.

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However, Hashirama's friendship with the young Uchiha did not last, as Butsuma Senju soon found out that his son had met Madara. Revealing to Hashirama that Madara was an Uchiha who had killed several of the strongest shinobi of the Senju Clan, 💪 he ordered his son to use his encounters with Madara to spy on him and if possible, kill him. But Hashirama couldn't stand the thought of betraying his friend; when the two boys met again, they warned each other that a trap had been set, but as they ran away they looked back in shock to find their fathers and younger brothers getting together. standing face to face, ready to fight. 🥊

After Hashirama and Madara intervened to protect their respective younger brothers, Hashirama was devastated to see Madara end their friendship and in turn declare war on him. ⚔️ Over the years, Hashirama was forced to fight his old friend, on numerous occasions, before they finally became the leaders of their respective clans. Hashirama repeatedly tried to convince Madara to stop fighting, but Madara objected. After Madara obtained his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, 👁️Hashirama defeated Madara and approached him once again to unite their 2 clans; however, Madara once again refused, and stated that he would not trust the Senju unless Hashirama did., himself, or kill his younger brother. Choosing to commit suicide, Hashirama asked his brother to accept the Uchiha as allies and end their feud, but his suicide was stopped by Madara, who then accepted the truce.

The Uchiha and Senju then prepare to finally find the hidden village of Konoha. Hashirama expresses his desire to make Madara the first Hokage, and even to have his portrait engraved on the cliff overlooking the village. Tobirama, however, convinces him that the villagers will never follow Madara and that they must be able to choose who will lead them. Finally, the villagers chose Hashirama over Madara for the title of First Hokage. Next, Hashirama and Madara met at Naka Shrine, where Madara expressed her fear that Tobirama would become the Second Hokage, and told him about his plan to make his dream come true. ⚠️ It is important to note that at this time, Hashirama captured several Bijû.

Hashirama Hokage

Some times after becoming Hokage, Hashirama called the very first meeting of the five Kage, accompanied by his brother, the future successor, Tobirama. Desiring to unite the five great shinobi countries, Hashirama bowed his head, recognizing the other kages as his equals. As the meeting began, Tobirama offered to pay the different countries to receive a tailed beast. Hashirama questioned his brother asking him if giving them away for free 🆓 was not a good thing. Silent, Tobirama did not listen to him as the proceedings continued. As infighting broke out among the various Kage. Hashirama appealed to them to preserve the future of their children. He also expressed his fear that the peace agreement between the five might not last long and shared with them his dream of a future where everyone would be united under one cause. Finally, Hashirama shared the Bijû 🐲 with the other villages. to maintain peace and equalize power between different nations, thus ending the conflict between them.

Madara left the village and soon after, Konohagakure began to prosper as Hashirama and Madara had dreamed of in their childhood, 💭 causing other nations to adopt the same system as Konoha village. Later, Madara returned, having gained control of the Nine-Tailed Fox, determined to challenge Hashirama once more. During the battle, Hashirama tried to reason with Madara to stop the fight but realizing that Madara would not back down, Hashirama entered Sage mode to end the battle. With his increased power, Hashirama was able to destroy Madara's Susanoo and subdue Kurama with the help of his wife, Mito. The battle continued late into the night, 🌑 leaving the two Shinobi bruised and exhausted.

NARUTO AND SASUKE DUO PAINTINGIn a final clash, Hashirama was the last to stand. Looking at Madara, Hashirama once again tried to reason with Madara, noting how much their former common dream had progressed. When Madara laughed at these remarks, Hashirama resolved to finish Madara, he then positioned himself behind him and stabbed him in the chest. At that moment, Madara swore that one day the village would be shrouded in darkness before it collapsed. Madara vs Hashirama

In the aftermath of this intense fight, Madara faked his death ⚰️ and went into hiding. From the Konoha village side, Hashirama's wife, Mito Uzumaki, became Kyubi's first jinchūriki, sealing Kurama within her. The devastation of the terrain that followed this battle was so extensive that it is now known as the Valley of the End.

During his tenure as the Hokage, Hashirama received a scroll filled with various ninjutsu, 📜 which he sealed to keep the techniques it contained secret. He also defeated Kakuzu, sent by Takigakure to assassinate him. Thinking about Konoha's future, he also trained young Hiruzen Sarutobi, one of his brother's team members. He lived long enough to meet his first grandchild, Tsunade, and found that he had spoiled her immensely, even going so far as to teach her how to gamble at the casino. Hashirama passed a bit after the Konoha village foundation,  in one of the many wars that raged during this revolutionary era.


Hashirama Mokuton

He was best known for his Mokuton technique, 🌳 a Genkai Kekkei that mixes earth, water, and chakra to create the wood element. By converting the chakra into the source of life, he was able to create trees, grow them on a large scale, manipulate them in various forms, and use them in combat at will. According to legend, the ability of the Mokuton was used by Hashirama Senju to create the landscape and the foundations of the hidden village of Konoha.  

Yamato is said to be the only ninja whose compatibility with Hashirama's 🧬 genes has been demonstrated. Yamato has shown great skill in elemental water and earth ninjutsu during his lifetime! It is therefore assumed that Hashirama could also master these elements (water and earth).

So Orochimaru's greatest praise regarding Hashirama was for his unique ability to control the tailed beasts, Bijûs. 👺 Of all his incredible talents, it is this particular skill that has made Hashirama a paragon in the ninja world, to the point that he is considered to be one of the few people who can completely control a Tailed Beast. This ability was greatly aided by his crystal necklace (Naruto's Blue Necklace) which Yamato said was a prerequisite for being able to contain the powerful Nine-Tailed Bijû chakra, Kyubi. 🦊

If you want to know more about Clan Senju, we invite you to read the following article: Clan Senju

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